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January 27, 2012


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Amazing !

Dev Khare

Thanks for your comments. I realized the list was too long so I broke it out into segments. @Subramanallya and @Rajeshj - I added your categories but not acronyms since that would mean at least 200-300 more acronyms! @2joshis - added all your suggestions.


FII - Foreign Institutional Investor
DII - Domestic Institutional Investor
CTC - Cost To Company, as in total compensation including retiral benefits, bonus etc.
NSE - National Stock Exchange
BSE - Bombay Stock Exchange


Good list Dev - funny when you think about it.

Then there is the whole acronym that people down south use for names - NTR, MGR, TNS etc. I thinking it has something to do with the whole thrifty attitude people have towards life - get by with minimum.


All Bollywood movies that are more than one word long need to be referred only by their acronym:

DDLJ - Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
ZNMD - Zindagi na milegi dubara
TPTM - Thoda pyaar thoda magic

and so forth...

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