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September 21, 2010


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Finally got an about.me invite... http://www.about.me/dkhare

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@nathan, @karmali,
I think both of you are pointing toward an aggregation/integration opportunity between these different tools - somewhat like a hootsuite/tweetdeck/klout/pingle integration but focused on professional usage. Unclear whether there's a sustainable startup in doing just this piece but if it is part of another offering, this could work. Features I would like in this: web & mobile clients, write-once-post-everywhere, threaded comments across all tools, etc.


Hi Dev and fellow commenters,
I have a problem with "automatic" anything and that includes "scheduling" Tweets throughout the day. My take is that IF we are always do everything automatically "to reach the most people" but if everyone is doing everything automatically, then who will read anything and, worse, who will ENGAGE?

BTW, anyone who'd like to "engage" with me, please comment on my new blog DRIVING MISS SHARI, my personal brand at the moment. My goal is to reach 500 comments on my first post "How to Get Rich & Famous on the Web": http://sharisax.com/DrivingMissShari/2010/08/how-to-become-rich-famous-on-the-web/
I'm more than halfway there. Please help me reach 500. And I'll be responding back. :-)


Hi Dev,

I am the creator of http://follr.com social business cards, another choice alongside about.me and flavors.me.

Please check out my card http://follr.me/mark and let me know what you think of our service.

Many new features in the pipeline.

Cheers, Mark.


Great deck, Dev. I'd say one should use some of these services on the mobile: to engage with people in real relevant time is also key to nurturing one's brand.

I'm waiting for my About.me invite too, so this comment maybe a little presumptuous. I'd like for About.me to also aggregate my content for tracking, not just analytics(e.g., like questions in Quora, @'s in Twitter, comments on my post). That is value enough for me to keep coming back to the site, rather than create a page and be done with it. Your thoughts?


same here Dev ...waiting patiently since 11 days ;-)

Nathan Beckord

Hey Dev, interesting slide deck, and good tips. Personally, I find LinkedIn incredibly useful, Twitter very noisy (I need to take your list suggestions), Slideshare very useful, Plancast a little spammy, and Quora really engaging. Never used About.met

The bigger question is, how does one find the time to keep up with all these things? Not enough hours in the day! Nathan Beckord


I would also add PlusRated.com to the list; Helps to build list of your professional skills and keep track of your progress.

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Thanks, Miten. Now if only I could get About.me to send me an invite for an account!


Solid observations Dev, this is clearly the way I try to learn about people before interacting with them.

services like About.Me serve as a good aggregation function.

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